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San Jose, California // June 28, 2022

While the public cloud offers innovative, scalable and cost-effective solutions, most organizations struggle to acquire skill sets, allocate resources or implement strategies to optimally shift workloads to that cloud infrastructure. This often causes cloud-based initiatives to stall as a company tries to overcome the logistical and operational complexities involved.

To help organizations accomplish cloud initiatives faster and with greater success, Taos has launched the Cloud Platform Foundation. In this program, Taos partners a business with leading experts who can help pinpoint the company’s current and future needs to develop a design and strategy for working with a chosen cloud service provider.

Using Taos’ proprietary Navigator Methodology, business partners are led through an iterative process that moves through five key phases: discover, plan, build, migrate and operationalize. With the Cloud Platform Foundation, an organization can achieve growth priorities faster and acquire future-proofed cloud architecture, reducing migration risks while being enabled to release faster with mature CI/CD pipeline processes and tools.

Taos CEO, Hamilton Yu, had this to say about the launch, “We commit everything to our relentless focus on serving our customers and delivering the best available technology platforms that meet their needs. That’s what spurred the development of the Cloud Platform Foundation, which is built on our deep technical expertise and backed up by proven results.”

“Taos partnered with Gaia engineering to design and deploy a new hybrid cloud OpenShift environment with speed and precision to align core business objectives,” said Justin Morant, Principal Engineer at Gaia.

By leveraging Taos’ industry guidance, organizations that invest in Cloud Platform Foundation can rapidly develop operational maturity in the cloud, or within a multi-cloud environment. Establishing a future-proof architecture means a business can migrate faster without risk and start realizing the benefits of cloud adoption sooner. Learn more about Cloud Platform Foundation and watch our short video, Ready to get a new home up in the cloud?

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