Enterprises can unlock cloud and DevOps expertise to modernize and optimize digital infrastructure 

Taos, a leader in Cloud and DevOps with partnerships across Microsoft, Google Cloud and AWS, has announced that DevOps is now more flexible and agile than ever thanks to its global managed service availability. With the best-of DevOps talent sourced from around the world, the Taos DevOps Now™ managed service empowers organizations to scale DevOps on-demand and amplify their capabilities via the Taos Pod, a team of expert resources

With Taos DevOps Now, enterprises no longer have to worry about finding, hiring and onboarding scarce DevOps technical talent again. Better yet, organizational DevOps initiatives can now enjoy a Follow the Sun model of global support to align with distributed teams and support after-hours deployments for minimal business disruption. Every engineer is onboarded through a rigorous technical talent assessment (Taos TIV™), and keeps their abilities sharp with structured, continuous skill development.

By partnering with Taos, enterprises can accelerate time to market, increase operational efficiencies, release higher quality software, reduce risk and increase security and compliance while improving overall product and service results. “More than ever, DevOps is the centerpiece of digital transformation and business agility, which is why we’re thrilled to provide 24-hour support for our essential DevOps service,” said Hamilton Yu, CEO of Taos. “To align with our ongoing goal of meeting our customers wherever they are in the DevOps journey, we’re dedicated to being available to work on the same schedule they follow as well.”

Taos continues to lead the way with DevOps by hiring the best talent and staying current on emerging skills. Taos’ engineers are versed in cloud-native tooling in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud with modern technologies such as Kubernetes, Terraform, GitHub, Jenkins, and more. We bring Cloud Infrastructure Management, Containerization, CI/CD automation and Data modernization to organizations of any size with varying security and compliance requirements.

Media Contact:
Rachel Beckler
Director, Marketing