Enterprises can now deploy a UEM solution which allows employees to work from anywhere without compromising security, reliability, and productivity. 

San Jose, CA July 09, 2020 – Taos, a leading consulting and managed services provider, announced today the release of Acture – a solution set to rethink unified endpoint management. Focusing on empowering “work from anywhere” culture while giving technology leaders peace and confidence of enhanced security and reliability.

“Enabling businesses to move past their technology challenges has always been a core focus for Taos. Now, we’re taking it one step further with Acture. This is our unique way of re-imagining what a more powerful unified endpoint management solution could be. More than a software deployment, Taos technical experts proactively ensuring security, reliability, and empowering anyone to be more productive wherever they might be working”. Said Patty Shrum, SVP Managed Services at Taos.

Acture, Work From Anywhere focuses on marrying cloud-first technology mitigating the need for businesses to deploy another complex set of tooling and removing the need to train their existing IT workforce. Acture accelerates the journey to zero-trust without adding complexity into an organization’s operations. 

“Accelerating the journey to zero trust has plagued many providers for years. Taos now enables a feature rich, yet flexible model which capitalizes on the entire depth and breadth of Taos solutions, talent, and technologies.” Added Peter Newton, VP Professional Services of Taos.

With the release of Acture, technology professionals can confidently solve and mitigate BYOD risks, through a truly unified and integrated talent lead endpoint management solution. Acture creates a secure and reliable environment without compromising speed and work productivity. 

Learn more about Acture, here .


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