Monitor hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and hyperscaler environments with ease.


Organizations looking to focus cloud-based resources on better growth and revenue can be helped by offloading non-critical tasks to a more experienced MSP for efficient management. By partnering with an MSP, the organization can harness more flexible choices through their technology and a cloud-agnostic approach.

To help in this effort, Taos now provides the Hybrid Cloud Managed Service (HCMS), which monitors an enterprise’s heterogeneous infrastructure resources, providing a central unified view. Hybrid Cloud Managed Service is designed for organizations looking to reduce IT operations burden on their internal teams through 24×7 monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting for both on-premises and cloud workloads. It also works with cloud-based workloads who want a trusted partner to manage operations and support. The service is offered through two main models:

In the Shared Service Model, the Taos team focuses on maintenance, monitoring, networks, databases, and support solutions. A major advantage of this approach is the team’s ability to burst and react to spikes in demand.

For the Dedicated Service Model, a customer engages dedicated admins and engineers to utilize the organization’s own tools and standard operating procedures. This can either be done onsite or managed remotely.

“HCMS is ultimately about innovation, competitive differentiation, and generating revenue for our clients,” said Hamilton Yu, CEO of Taos. “By reducing or eliminating the distraction and expense of handling your cloud and data center infrastructure, we provide far more operational freedom than the client could manage on their own.”

“SaaS companies, like, can always use a helping hand in achieving full automation and better visibility across the entirety of their cloud infrastructure,” said Stefan Dunigan, VP of Operations & Network Services at “Taos HCMS provides the flexibility we need to achieve this at scale quickly and efficiently.”

Taos’ HCMS enables engineering teams to troubleshoot more quickly, eliminate communication silos, and achieve DevOps goals. This helps the business improve agility, reduce costs, mitigate risk, and increase visibility. Learn more about our HCMS offering by reading our latest blog, visiting our whiteboard video, listening to our on-demand podcast, and recent webinar, and downloading our State of the Cloud report.

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