Taos helps organizations drive value and gain a competitive advantage via AI

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA // June 01, 2022

Organizations that want to make the most of their data are increasingly investing in formal data operations programs. However, most organizations lack the expertise necessary to best implement DataOps pipelines with proven methodologies. The growing skills gap in many industries is also delaying market share gains as industries go remote and mobile-first.

To help organizations overcome these challenges and leverage advanced data operations to spur growth, Taos has established the DataOps Now service. DataOps Now is designed to help organizations manage data operations across the complete enterprise and provide a more consistent data experience.

Taos steps into the gap, acting as an essential data architect and data engineer to optimally run, maintain, and evolve dozens or hundreds of data pipelines throughout an organization’s ongoing DataOps journey. A business-ready DataOps practice can drive value and competitive advantage in areas such as public services, product development, data science and customer service

DataOps Now can help organizations create security-optimized CI/CD pipelines, optimize ROI on AI investments, establish a Pod of data experts, and accelerate DataOps time to market. With this service, Taos works to proactively manage and integrate analytics to reveal new business opportunities, minimize risk to revenue, quickly respond to operational issues, and lower data costs while keeping operations secure and compliant.

“When a customer comes to us for DataOps Now, we plan, build, and even run your operations,” said Hamilton Yu, CEO of Taos. “Ultimately, it’s all about uncovering new ideas and opportunities and converting them to production processes to extract the highest value. DataOps Now also enables freedom of choice across multiple clouds platforms while minimizing egress fees.”

“High-performing organizations have figured out that the use of advanced data operations coupled with a modern cloud and agile development gives them the unique opportunity to continuously transform their business to deliver more value to their customers, shareholders, partners, and employees,” says Addison Snell, CEO of Intersect360 Research. “Organizations that partner with DataOps and cloud experts for a clearly defined strategy, architecture, and plan realize they won’t leave these precious investments to chance; rather, they will find a clear path to accomplish some really significant things with considerable value.”

Taos, as an IBM company, offers a powerhouse of 600+ consultants as trusted DataOps experts to guide clients through AI and business transformation. Taos is offering half-day workshops where the Taos team will design an agenda selecting from key activities to meet an organization’s needs. In this workshop, Taos assesses and analyzes business requirements, aligning them with a roadmap for the future, and recommends solutions to produce results that are truly meaningful for the organization’s goals.

Learn more about our DataOps offering by reading our DataOps Blog, ROI, Whiteboard Video, and visit our DataOps Now page.  Register for our Lessons Learned from the AI Trenches Webinar, June 1 at 3pm ET or look for the on-demand recording after June 2nd.