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Infrastructure Processing Unit (IPU)

What is an IPU?

An infrastructure processing unit (IPU) is a programmable networking device explicitly designed to reduce processing overhead and free up CPU performance for other computing tasks. Resources are made available to users via a programmable and scalable service that balances storage and enables finely-tuned processing.

How does an IPU work?

An IPU manages infrastructure resources through intelligent data center processing. Through its functionality, the service provider can manage the infrastructure functions while enabling the users to control the CPU and allowing cloud operators to work within a fully virtualized storage network. The dedicated functionality in the IPU further improves performance for modern apps in the data center while maintaining top performance and management.

How is an IPU important?

IPUs help minimize information overload that can add complexity and inefficiency to data center operations. IPUs overcome processing challenges associated with stranded resources, data bottlenecks, and security tool incompatibilities.

Benefits of an IPU

IPUs can help service providers accelerate infrastructure performance alongside increased data protection and improved control. IPU users benefit from common software frameworks, allowing them to engage programmable hardware and software built to meet their customer’s unique operating needs.

Common use cases for an IPU

An IPU frees up CPU resources by shifting storage and network virtualization functions to utilize available resources, improving workload placement, function, and performance throughout the data center. Cloud service providers can also customize their infrastructure deployments at software speed without the traditional barriers associated with hardware-based constraints.

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