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What is Pub/Sub?

Publish/subscribe messaging (pub/sub) is a communication service that sends content in a serverless environment. When a message is sent through a pub/sub service, it’s received immediately by all subscribers to the related topic.

How does Pub/Sub work?

A pub/sub messaging platform sends messages to various system parts via topics. The publisher element then pushes a new message to subscribers with no delay—unless they have implemented a policy filter.

How is Pub/Sub important?

Application functionality can be improved, and communication can be streamlined with a microservices approach to messaging. Pub/sub helps developers create these decoupled applications with a reliable communication method.

Benefits of Pub/Sub messaging

Pub/sub messaging helps users make communication components more resilient and safe while improving manageability. It helps grant broader infrastructure visibility and enables applications to be tracked more readily. And since pub/sub is not reliant on a specific programming language or technology platform, a supported message solution can be employed within the user’s preferred system.

Common use cases for Pub/Sub

Pub/sub can be extremely useful when monitoring large-scale deployments. Messages can be categorized into different topics and updated without needing separate communication pipelines.

As organizations continue to expand Internet of Things (IoT) usage and associated smart device deployment across all industries, those same organizations are always going to require a secure method of collating and distributing data. A pub/sub server can push updates automatically delivered to all subscribed IoT devices, supporting organizational reliance on this growing asset stack.

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