Taos Webinars & Podcasts

Optimize Your Business with Kubernetes

OnDemand Webinar – Join the award-winning team of Donald Lutz, Senior Cloud and Software Architect, and Tim Clark, Principal Solution Architect both from Taos as they cover the business benefits of utilizing Kubernetes.

    Tuning Up Your Cloud: Optimize Efficiencies to Manage Costs?

    OnDemand Webinar – Join our Taos cloud cost optimization experts, Wister Falcon and Christopher Huntley and allow us to show you how you may benefit from a managed cloud services provider. There’s no reason for any organization to go it alone.

      Do you really have a DevOps culture?

      OnDemand Webinar – Creating a true DevOps culture is a significant initiative that many organizations are pursuing today, but the process can produce as many challenges as benefits. 

        Recession-Proof Your IT Roadmap

        OnDemand Webinar – With a strong partner like Taos by your side, you can take active steps to recession-proof your IT and security roadmaps while continuing to modernize your programs, even if your business has never experienced a recession. We’ve seen this scenario before, and we are here to help with real-world use cases and best practices to share.

        The Cloud Cost Advisory: How to Get the Most Value

        OnDemand Webinar – Join Taos to discuss as they will be covering the following different potential options for approaching cloud value:

        • Cost optimization approach at the Cloud Service Providers 
        • Value vs savings-based approaches 
        • Well architected solutions based on business concerns

        Lessons Learned From the AI Trenches

        OnDemand Webinar – Join Taos and our guest speakers in this webinar to gain a competitive edge, businesses are increasingly embracing AI/ML technology to extract data-based answers to key business questions (KBQs) and deliver AI-enabled products and services.

        The Great Resignation Is Really The Great Recruitment

        OnDemand Webinar – Join Taos and our guest speakers in this webinar for a closer look at how you can turn the staffing and skills gap situation around and get the resources you need to grow the business and keep up with innovation.

        What the Dev? The benefits of using a managed hybrid cloud service

        Podcast – Taos CEO Hamilton Yu explains what sets Taos apart, what hybrid cloud managed service is, and how it might fit into your business…

        The Pros and Cons of Hybrid Cloud Managed Services

        OnDemand Webinar – Get the real story on how hybrid cloud can mean high cost, governance headaches, and cloudy visibility for your organization…

        Faster Than You Think: How to Move Apps to GCP in Weeks, Not Months

        OnDemand Webinar – Join experts from Google Cloud and Taos as they discuss common pitfalls of migration and share best practices to a more disciplined and repeatable cloud migration framework

        Save Your Money and Stop the Waste: Cloud Cost Optimization for Multi-Cloud

        OnDemand Webinar – Keeping cloud spend under control is a major challenge for organizations that are riding the wave of digital transformation…

        DevSecOps: How Your DevOps Strategy is Incomplete Without Security

        OnDemand Webinar – Join Taos, an IBM Company for a conversation about How Your DevOps Strategy is Incomplete Without Security.

        Security at Every Stage: 3 Steps to Take Your Organization from DevOps to DevSecOps

        OnDemand Webinar – Hardening security vulnerabilities is critical in the current threat landscape, and a top priority for every organization should be building security…

        Preparing For An Attack: 4 Steps to Building a Cyber-Resilient Organization

        OnDemand Webinar – In today’s threat landscape, it’s not if your organization will sustain a cyberattack, it’s when. A cyber-resilient organization is optimized to recover from attacks….

        Six Reasons Anthos Enables Multi-cloud with Taos

        OnDemand Webinar – Discover how to simplify managing your application landscape, control your cloud spend and maintain regulatory compliance in a secure environment.

        Best Practice to Modernize in Multi Cloud

        OnDemand Webinar – Take a proven path that avoids the pitfalls of DIY or MSP models.


        Harness the Power of DevOps

        OnDemand Webinar – Do You See DevOps as an 800 Pound Gorilla? Think again, DevOps is right for you! Contrary to popular belief, DevOps is not just for multi-national enterprises.