Do you really have a DevOps culture?

Creating a true DevOps culture is a significant initiative that many organizations are pursuing today, but the process can produce as many challenges as benefits. Deployment is no longer a workflow solely owned by Ops teams. Successful DevOps culture implementation requires effort across a company’s operational infrastructure, with a focus on communication, collaboration, and transparency.

Join Taos DevOps experts for a round-table discussion on crafting an effective and transformative DevOps culture through rapid feedback, agile process iteration, and streamlined release cycles. This webinar will cover:

  • Essential elements of a DevOps culture
  • How to build autonomous teams
  • The challenges and benefits of a DevOps culture
  • Empowering teams with a shared responsibility model

And much more.

View On-Demand Webinar:

Do you really have a DevOps culture?

Meet Our Speakers

Christopher Huntley
Associate Partner, Solutions
Taos, an IBM Company

Kai Jansen
Principal Engineer
BridgeConnector, LLC

Harloveleen Kaur
DevOps Engineer
Taos, an IBM Company

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