Lessons Learned

From the AI Trenches

About the Webinar

To gain a competitive edge, businesses are increasingly embracing AI/ML technology to extract data-based answers to key business questions (KBQs) and deliver AI-enabled products and services.

Top KBQs for the modern organization include:

    • How do we establish strategic decision-making?
    • What can help us better understand customers and markets?
    • How do we make better products and services?
    • How do we improve operations?
    • What’s the best way to create new lines of business from daily data generation?

Join our special guests for a fascinating and informative session, “Lessons learned from the AI trenches.”

Meet Our Speakers

John Evans

Fellow and DevOps

Engineer, Taos

Chris Huntley

Associate Partner

Solutions at Taos

Addison Snell

CEO, Intersect360 Research

Suresh Ganesan

Partner AI & Analytics

Practice, IBM