Optimize Your Business with Kubernetes

Containers are ideal for modernizing your applications and optimizing IT infrastructure. Built on Kubernetes and other tools in the open-source Kubernetes ecosystem, container services can facilitate and accelerate your path to cloud-native application development, and to an open hybrid cloud approach that integrates the best features and functions from private cloud, public cloud, and on-premises IT infrastructure.

Join the award-winning team of Donald Lutz, Senior Cloud and Software Architect, and Tim Clark, Principal Solution Architect both from Taos as they cover the following business benefits of utilizing Kubernetes.

– Improved resource utilization based on the application or microservice requirements.

– Decreased time on software development cycles and improved productivity.

– Ability to containerize monolithic legacy systems to microservices.

– A reduced operational burden that DevOps teams must go through in the event of a failure with health checks and self-healing through the monitoring of the cluster state.

– Empowering the move to the cloud allows an organization’s transition while avoiding vendor lock-in as well as running applications or microservices in a multi-cloud system.

– Lower cloud and infrastructure costs due to the ability to scale in and scale-out infrastructure per the application or service requirement adjusting on available resources with neither over-provisioning nor under-provisioning.

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Optimize Your Business with Kubernetes

Meet Our Speakers

Donald Lutz
Senior Cloud and Software Architect
Taos, an IBM Company

Tim Clark
Principal Architect
Taos, an IBM Company

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