The Cloud Cost Advisory: How to Get the Most Value

About the Webinar

Cloud Cost Advisory isn’t just about saving money it’s about taking a holistic approach to getting the most value from your dollars. Focusing on business problems as the driver and using a consistent approach can make a difference in the outcome.

Join Chris Huntley, Associate Partner Solutions at Taos, Donald Lutz, and Shadoe DiStefano, Consultant- Cloud Architect at Taos, as they will be covering the following different potential options for approaching cloud value:

– Cost optimization approach at the Cloud Service Providers
– Value vs savings-based approaches
– Well architected solutions based on business concerns

Meet Our Speakers

Chris Huntley

Associate Partner

Solutions at Taos

Donald Lutz

Consultant- Cloud

Architect at Taos

Shadoe DiStefano

Consultant- Cloud

Architect at Taos