Transforming Security into a Business Enabler

Security has always been seen as the protector of people, or the business. It’s time to change that perspective. Security can bring so much more to the business when viewed differently by itself, the company, and by the employees in the company. Many security leaders have taken the leap to be seen as a business partner successfully. The next level forward involves security taking its place among those that enable the business to reach greater heights; by not only protecting the assets and watching for threats, but by being innovative and finding ways to make doing business easier.

Join Larry LaBas, Security/GCP Practice Leader and Tim Clark, Principal Architect both from Taos as they cover several topics such as:

  • Why should security be more than a protector?
  • Having the “difficult culture” discussions
  • Things you may already be doing to enable the business (or not)
  • Technical wins to start the marathon


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Transforming Security into a Business Enabler

Meet Our Speakers

Larry LaBas
Security/GCP Practice Leader
Taos, an IBM Company

Tim Clark
Principal Architect
Taos, an IBM Company

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