Tuning Up Your Cloud: Optimize Efficiencies to Manage Costs

Are your budgets under scrutiny?

Businesses tend to look at managed services fees as an unwelcome extra line item, but a cost-benefit analysis shows a different result.  When businesses migrate to managed cloud services, they are likely to see a reduction in overall costs. 54% of managed cloud users say they reduced capital expenses; 40% said they would be able to reduce labor costs, and 49% said they were able to shift costs from the capital to the operating budget.

Join our Taos cloud cost optimization experts Wister Falcon and Christopher Huntley and allow us to show you how you may benefit from a managed cloud services provider. There’s no reason for any organization to go it alone.


View On-Demand Webinar:

Tuning Up Your Cloud: Optimize Efficiencies to Manage Costs

Meet Our Speakers

Wister Falcon
VP of Managed Services
Taos, an IBM Company

Christopher Huntley
Associate Partner, Solutions
Taos, an IBM Company

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