The Pros and Cons of Hybrid Cloud Managed Services

About the Webinar

Get the real story on how hybrid cloud can mean high cost, governance headaches, and cloudy visibility of your organization. Unless you are in the business of managing hybrid cloud infrastructure, deploying, securing, and ensuring cloud compatibility can leave you restless and stuck in your tracks.

There is a silver lining. This now on-demand event offers helpful tips and relatable deployment of hybrid cloud, whether on your own or with a Managed Service Provider. In addition, we cover insights into how built-in continuous improvement and automation can accelerate any hybrid cloud success.

Meet Our Speakers

Wister Falcon

Taos VP of

Managed Services

Justin Cooley 

Taos Director of

Hybrid Cloud MS

Lindsey Turner 

Taos Director of

Customer Succes

Stefan Dunigan VP Operations

and Network Services